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his area is reserved for items which I do not consider vintage, but may still be of interest to collectors. Examples of items that I would put in this area include Sierra compilations on CD, the Kilrathi Saga, The Neverhood, and Infocom Masterpieces. They are not on my main, downloadable list. To make an offer e-mail Pix_Z@spamneinquestchest.com (delete "spamnein" from address).

Complete Ultima VII, The (CD only)
King's Quest V (CD only)
King's Quest VI (CD only)
Loom, CD edition (CD and insert only, no Book of Patterns)
Pandora Directive
Privateer 2 (CDs only)
Privateer 2 strategy guide
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, vol. 1, version 2 (CD only)
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, vol. 1, version 4 (CD, inserts, and newspaper)
Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Timer Rippers (CD only)
Space Quest VI - The Spinal Frontier (CD and insert only)
Tex Murphy - Under a Killing Moon (Kixx version, CD and inserts only)
Tex Murphy - Overseer (CD and inserts only)
Ultima Ascension - Appears to be in French. (CD only)
Ultima VIII - Pagan (CD and insert only)
Zork Anthology (CD only)