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My apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me or unsuccessfully view my website. My previous hosting company was a h*llhole, you can read the reviews (including mine) at either webhostingjury.com or webhostingstuff.com. It's too early to tell what my new host is like, but it would hard to be any worse or even at the same level. I have answered all e-mail that was forwarded to me, so you may want to try again if you're sent e-mail and I haven't replied (remove "SpamNein" from address).


For those of you wondering what the new Sierra collections (they are called "Collection" rather than the previously advertised "Compilation," name) are like—They come boxed, but only with a CD in a paper sleeve. Inside the box is a cardboard tray to help the box keep shape, but it is open on the top, so I imagine the box will be quite easily damaged. Manuals are PDFs of previous printed manuals. There are no bonus items such as developer's notes or interviews with key people. DOSBox is used to bring the games to life on your XP system. I installed the Space Quest Collection and played a few minutes of it without problem. Depending on the series all games in the series may or may not be included.

I'm sure people will buy them just as they collect any other item in the Sierra line, and some will like the convenience of just installing a program then double-clicking an icon to start. But if you know how to run DOSBox or run a dual-booting OS for DOS games, you could be just as well off with an older, more complete collection.